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pro forma statements example

Want a more interactive experience than using an Excel spreadsheet, something you can easily update in real-time across multiple team members? Then, benefit from all the other supercharged features a Work OS (operating system) brings. If you don’t know how each of the companies defines its pro forma figures, you may be comparing apples to oranges. Pro forma results may contain adjustments to GAAP numbers in order to highlight important aspects of the company’s operating performance.

It’s helpful for FP&A to provide business leaders with side-by-side comparisons based on different assumptions, better informing the entire decision-making process. If, for instance, management is deciding between two separate proposals or business plans, they can use pro forma statements for each scenario and see which might serve their goals and vision best. The pro forma balance sheet might change if the new facility adds to the company’s property, plant, and equipment entries. And if the company uses debt to fund the project, there might also be a substantial loan balance on the liabilities side of the balance sheet. They are built into the data to give a picture of a company’s profits if certain nonrecurring items are excluded.

Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement

Pro forma financial statements are used to project a company’s expected financial performance based on specific assumptions. They assist in financial planning, decision-making, and evaluating the potential impact of different business strategies or scenarios. Many of the items listed above are part of the GAAP, but not included in pro forma reporting, making it rife for possible deception. This discrepancy is part of the reason the distinction between pro forma and GAAP financial statements is important. Not all these things should be left off, but the decisions of what is left off should be well thought out and explained to potential investors, so they have a clear indication of what they are viewing. Knowing how the pro forma documents are compiled and what is left out is also critical when comparing different pro forma statements.

It aids in assessing the potential financial stability of a business under different scenarios. By projecting the financial position at a specific point in time, companies can anticipate capital needs, evaluate solvency, and make strategic decisions regarding asset allocation and debt management. A pro forma financial statement is a report prepared base on estimates, assumptions, or projections. In other words, it’s not an official GAAP statement issued to investors and creditors to relay information about past company performance.

Definition and Examples of Pro Forma Financials

Using this combination, the projections shows how they would have done together. This type of projection could be shorter term (from the beginning of the current fiscal year). Use this free template to create your own historical with acquisition pro forma documents.

When teams have clarity into the work getting done, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time.

What Are Pro Forma Financial Statements?

They can help you make a business plan, create a financial forecast, and even get funding from potential investors or lenders. When your financial statements are put into pro forma financial statements, you adjust material charges, credits, and tax effects to the transactions. In other words, you get an idea of what your financial results would have been if the event had already occurred.

The COGS forecast is the COGS/Sales ratio from several years multiplied by the sales forecast. You can address this fact simply with a final paragraph in the compilation reports, and the author may elect to include the reason for the lack of independence. Finally, in each page of the pro forma information, there must be a reference to the compilation report.

Volume and revenue assumptions

Therefore, whatever prompts the need for them, you must adhere to any mandatory guidelines involved. In this case, pro forma statements are like dipping your toe into the water before diving into the pool. If the water feels too cold – the Best Practice To Hire or Outsource for Nonprofit Accounting pro forma financial projections and expected results aren’t favorable – it’s probably not a great idea to take a dip. Pro forma financial statements provide predictions on how the future might unfold for companies you’re investing in.

pro forma statements example